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  • PDM – Outstanding Single Gas Detector

    The PDM is a full-featured single-gas detector that offers you unequaled value. The PDM single gas detector is your daily monitor for hazardous environments, because of its high reliability and user-friendliness. PDM is the most cost-effective way to ensure safety. It operates up to two years maintenance-free, just turn on the device and it runscontinuously — no need for battery charging and replacements of sensors and batteries. That means great reliability and no downtime. Read More

  • QGM Multi-Gas Monitor

    The WatchGas QGM is a versatile multi-gas monitor engineered to keep you and your staff safe while working in hazardous environments. The WatchGas QGM offers detection for up to four different gases. The WatchGas QGM monitors oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and combustible gases. When the concentrations of these gases exceed the alarm thresholds, the WatchGas QGM alerts the user by vibrating, flashing LEDs and a 90dB acoustic alarm. An integrated data- and event Read More

  • The POLI MonoDock (MP400T)

    The POLI MonoDock (MP400T) is a docking and calibration station for the POLI Multi-Gas Detectors. The MonoDock for the POLI pumped version provides fast and easy calibration or bump testing: just place the POLI in the bay, connect the cable, and push start.

  • The POLI multi-gas Detector

    The POLI multi-gas meters offer 4- or 5-gas monitoring of toxic gases, Oxygen (O2), combustibles (LEL), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

  • UNI Disposable Single Gas Detector

    The WatchGas UNI Disposable is a disposable and low maintenance version of UNI Sustainable Single Gas Detector It detects hydrogen sulfide (H₂S), carbon monoxide (CO) or oxygen (O₂) in a selection of models with operating lives of 12 months or 36 months. The detectors have large LCDs providing maximum readability in the field. Six bright red LEDs allow for quick alarm notification. Constructed of strong and durable material, the WatchGas UNI Disposable is designed Read More

  • UNI Sustainable Single Gas Detector

    The WatchGas UNI is a compact, easy to use single gas monitor that is available with a wide range of sensors. The UNI offers a simple portable solution for a wide array of toxic gases and O2 applications. With a large LCD screen, the UNI provides maximum readability in the field. Six bright red LEDs and a loud beeper provide unmistakeable alarm notification. It even has a built-in vibration alarm, for extra peace of Read More