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  • BX166 series gas detector

    BX166 series gas detector is specially used for detecting combustible gas leakage.

  • GasClip Technologies

    Gas Clip Technologies develops innovative portable gas detectors that offer greater reliability, improved productivity, and better cost-efficiency.

  • Prosense

    Prosense gas detectors are fully tested and calibrated before delivery. Gas Detectors must be routinely checked and calibrated to ensure
    fully operational at all times regarding EN 60079:29-2.

  • WatchGas Fixed

    The AirWatch is easily applied to many different applications. In minutes, set up a wireless (optional) fixed system. Remote monitoring software is available. Non-Atex.. Fenceline monitoring, machine monitoring and confined space access can be regulated with the Airwatch and optional cameras. It is available in O2,LEL,CO2 and a wide reange of Toxic gased (EC). Machines can be switched on or off, data is logging is optional.

    The ATEX Beacon has 78 Ultra Bright RGB LEDs Read More

  • WatchGas Portable

    Looking for a portable solution?

    We can offer you just that! WatchGas is dedicated to keep your people save on the job. Our experience in the world of gas detection made us an important and trustworthy supplier of gas detection solutions. Our range of Gas Detectors exist of a single gas device, multi gas device and leak detectors.